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Tanks are made at our NPCA certified facility. All our tanks meet the latest verson of MT DEQ 4 - 2013.  Non-traffic tank sizes range from 1000 gallons to 15,000 gallons.  Download our non- traffic tank catalog for more details, PDF's and DWG's. 

Important notes from Montana DEQ-4 that pertain to Septic Tanks

5.1 All septic tanks and access ports must have lids. The lids must be of durable construction and be secured with hex screws, lag bolts, locks, or other methods to prevent unauthorized access. Safety basket screens (child catchers) should be installed in all septic tanks. The effluent filter manufacturer must provide documentation that the filter meets the design standard for effluent filters in ANSI/NSF Standard 46.

B. Pre-cast Concrete Tank Requirements A set of complete plans stamped by a professional engineer to certify compliance with this Circular must be on file with the tank manufacturer and made available to the reviewing authority upon request.

The manufacturer shall provide a copy of the stamped drawings along with the installation instructions to each tank purchaser.

All pre-cast concrete tanks must be clearly marked within 2 feet of the outlet with the name of the tank manufacturer, tank model, number of gallons, date of manufacture, and maximum depth of bury

Septic System Maintenance

Click Below to download the guide.

Montana State Septic System Guide

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